WYA Founder visits the Africa Region

August 31st to September 3rd, 2019 – WYA Founder Anna Halpine visited the Africa region and attended the Annual WYA Africa dinner hosted by the regional office as the guest speaker. Together with the WYA Africa Regional Staff Members Cynthia Maingi (Regional Director), Kevin Alando (Director of Operations), and Karen Kilwake ( Regional Programs Assistant), she met with FEMM, HDC and WYA Africa partners to strengthen existing partnerships and potential partners in policy to explore possible areas of collaboration.

The WYAA Dinner marked the 16th Celebration of the organisation’s work in Africa, and Anna spoke on the policies revolving around reproductive health and sexuality education in the region. She presented FEMM and HDC as the solutions to understanding women’s reproductive health and presenting a holistic approach to who the human person is and affirming their dignity. 


Anna had meetings with the current FEMM doctors and FEMM teacher trainers at the Mercy Clinic to discuss the integration of the program in the region. In regard to the HDC, Anna met a representative of the Sisters of Mercy – Mercy Education Office to discuss the execution of the curriculum in more schools under their umbrella.

She was also able to meet WYAA alumni, current members and former staff as well as the WYAA advisory board and steering committee.