WYA President speaks on vulnerable persons at 2017 Kenya National Family Conference

May 12, 2017 – “As the world continues to advance and face different challenges, there is a continual need to strengthen and empower all individual members of the family at the national and international levels. The family takes on essential tasks in the care of its members, particularly the weakest and most vulnerable, including children, youth, older persons, and persons with disabilities,” WYA President Lord Leomer Pomperada said in his speech at the 2017 Kenya National Family Conference.

The annual conference was held in celebration of the International Day of the Family.

With the topic of Safeguarding Vulnerable Members of the Family, Lord presented some global data on vulnerable persons focusing on women and girls, children, elderly, and persons with disabilities. He then presented some of the measures at the national and international levels that were made to promote the welfare and safeguard vulnerable persons.

Lord shared the commitment of the World Youth Alliance in leading programs that could support family life. He introduced WYA’s Human Dignity Curriculum and WYA’s affiliate women’s health program, FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management).

“Among the priorities for confronting the challenges in safeguarding vulnerable persons in the family include greater knowledge about the problem, stronger laws and policies, and more effective prevention strategies. Managing these challenges requires building needed infrastructure and institutions as soon as possible,” Lord shared.

“Hearing directly from vulnerable persons about their lives and needs is vital to good research and effective policy or action. It is therefore essential to consult vulnerable people directly or through their representative organizations. A multisectoral approach coupled with a strong commitment to the passage and implementation of laws and policies has been proven most effective around the world,” Lord added.

WYA Africa Director Patricia Gwambo also joined a Panel on the conference theme of “One Family, One Nation.” She shared her family experience the importance of investing in young people as future parents.

Held at the Kenyatta International Conference Center in Nairobi, the conference was attended by over 250 delegates from the government and NGO sectors and was organized by the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) and the Ministry of East Africa Community Labour and Social Protection.

The WYA Headquarters and WYA Africa Regional Office wishes to thank KCPF and the Ministry of East Africa Community Labour and Social Protection for their invitation and continual support.