WYA Headquarters welcomes Taiwan Youth Ambassadors

On Thursday, the World Youth Alliance hosted the Taiwan Youth Ambassadors delegation for a morning of talks and cultural exchange.

North America Director of Opertaions, Marie Murray, started the morning with an overview of WYA. Following the broad introduction to our work, advocacy fellow Nadja Wolfe discussed more in-depth about advocacy work and founder Anna Halpine gave a special welcome message to the delegation.

The Youth Ambassadors, in turn, presented their program, followed by some words by the Ambassador Lee. They ended the presentations with a short cultural piece showcasing a native tribal song from one of the sixteen tribes of Taiwan.


It was a fun and educational morning of exchanging ideas and sharing of culture.

The Taiwan Youth Ambassadors program was launched by the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, designed to encourage Taiwanese youth to “show the international community a dynamic and diversified Taiwan,” according to MOFA Vice Minister Vanessa Yea-ping Shih.

WYA has collaborated with the youth ambassadors program for several years now. "Our cultural exchange with the Taiwanese Young Ambassadors is always a rich experience, and we looked forward to welcoming the youth from this year’s program,” says Murray.