WYA Holds Solidarity Call for Chapter and National Committee Leaders

August 1, 2020 – WYA started August on a high note by gathering its best members for the first time. With over 25 WYA leaders in attendance, the participants of the Chapter and National Committee Solidarity Call represented countries like Uganda, Kenya, the USA, Cameroon, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Poland, Austria, Albania, Italy, Colombia, Slovakia, Croatia, Mexico, and India.

The program, hosted by WYA President Lord Pomperada, was filled with inspiring stories of friendship and leadership amongst members who have chosen to bring WYA to their countries. The leaders listened to Hrvoje Vargic, WYA’s Director of Partnerships, who shared about the lessons he learned as one of WYA Croatia Chapter’s founders. The Chapter and National Committee leaders were also able to interact with each other during the breakout room sessions. 

Back at the plenary, other Chapter leaders were invited to share their experiences. WYA Ethiopia Leader Tamrat Belachew talked about implementing WYA programs and inking a Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) partnership to a large educational network in their country. WYA Albania Chapter Advocacy leader Ermelinda Gjeci shared tips in conducting the Certified Training Program to their members online. Meanwhile, Petra Medak, WYA Croatia’s HDC lead, spoke about how they successfully conducted a pilot of an online edition of the HDC. Finally, WYA Poland Chapter Leader Ewa Rejman shared how they successfully organized a human rights webinar series in partnership with WYA Europe. The event concluded with a short Q and A segment.

WYA is grateful for the opportunity to commune and learn from our most stellar members. Learn how you can launch a Chapter or National Committee in your area by contacting your regional office.