WYA Hosts 12th Annual International Summer Camp

WYA North America recently concluded its 12th annual International Summer Camp (ISC), a weeklong educational and cultural immersion program for high school students ages 13 – 18 years.  This year’s program was held at the WYA headquarters in New York City on July 14 – 21st. WYA NA was pleased to engage both returning and new campers from around the world!  

The ISC is WYA North America’s primary program to educate, equip, and engage it’s younger members in WYA’s mission, promoting the dignity of the human person.  The ISC especially aims to train its delegates in authentic leadership. Through seminars, discussions and reading and writing assignments, delegates engaged in the philosophical study of human dignity.  Campers explored concepts such as freedom for excellence, solidarity, culture, and objective truth. Additionally, the camp introduces campers to its advocacy work at the United Nations, and they completed a model United Nations simulation.  


In addition to the academic portion, campers also engaged in fun cultural excursions throughout New York City.  A few of the favorite activities included: swimming and relaxing at Coney Island Beach, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, and visiting Times Square.  Through these NYC adventures, WYA strives to engage its campers in the lived experience of human dignity and foster authentic friendship.  


By studying the value of human dignity and immersing campers in the lived experience of human dignity, WYA NA  aims to best educate, equip, and form its younger members in authentic leadership. It aims to foster authentic friendship so that throughout a WYA member’s life and amidst their various endeavors, they have reliable peers to support them toward their potential for excellence.


WYA NA was so pleased and privileged to engage such talented young leaders in its 2019 12th annual ISC.  We look forward to seeing many great things continue to unfold for each participant as well for all those they impact within their communities. 




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