WYA hosts Advocacy Academy for young Mexican leaders

axios-visits-wya-nov-10-2016-3 axios-visits-wya-nov-10-2016-5

November 10, 2016 – The World Youth Alliance Headquarters hosted a WYA Introductory Session and Advocacy Academy for 20 young female leaders aged 16 to 20 from different schools in Mexico. WYA President Lord Pomperada gave an introduction to World Youth Alliance and different projects that WYA implements around the world. “The World Youth Alliance brings together young people from around the world who are committed to building just societies and to promoting the dignity of the person through advocacy, education and culture,” Lord shared.

WYA’s Director of Advocacy Nadja Wolfe led the Advocacy Training of the students where she gave an overview of WYA’s history and WYA’s advocacy work around the world. She also presented the different challenges that our work faces in the different WYA regions and the different initiatives that WYA have successfully led in the past years to defend the dignity of the person.

The visit of the students to the WYA Headquarters was organized by AXIOS, a Non-Profit Organization based in Mexico that is dedicated to preventive work with adolescents inserting themselves into the Jalisco education system and promoting public policies at all levels. AXIOS has been working with young women for over 17 years training them to prevent psycho-social risks and empower them to have their voice heard in the local, national and international levels. 


WYA wishes to thank the students and their educators for visiting the WYA again this year.