WYA Iloilo Chapter Holds Successful Youth Conference

World Youth Alliance Iloilo Chapter held its first youth conference last January 6 to 7, 2017 entitled, Adulting 101: Navigating the Real World. The event was held at St. Anne’s Hall, Assumption Iloilo, Iloilo City, Philippines and was attended by over 100 Junior and Senior High School level delegates from the province of Iloilo.

On the first day of the conference, the hall was transformed into an airplane–the WYA Airlines, bringing the delegates to different places as they navigated through the real world. The delegates entered the hall carrying their passports and had them stamped as they reach their destination.


WYA Iloilo Chapter kicked off the program with an opening message from its Chapter president, Rejean Marie Darroca, where she introduced World Youth Alliance and gave valuable insights on the purpose of the conference. From there the talks focused on topics that aimed at helping the youth deal with the world beyond their comfort zones. The plenaries were aptly entitled, Unexpected Turn, Money cycling, Getting Productive Socially, and Swimming Against the Tide.

Left photo: Ms. Rejean Darroca, WYA Iloilo Chapter President;
right photo: Ms. Early Sol Gadong and Mrs. Sheila Uygongco

“I have experienced people telling me that I’m not right for the job and those that questioned my abilities and capabilities, but I learned to just focus on where I’m heading,” Sheila Uygonco shares during her plenary on Moneycycling.

Left photo: Faye Ysabela Ong; right photo: Gabriel Angelo Jon

Plenary speakers for the Getting Productive Socially resumed in the afternoon as three WYA Iloilo Chapter members—Gabriel Angelo Jon, Faye Ysabela Ong, and Rejean Marie Darroca—shared about the role of social media to young people.

“You can utilize your social media use to be productive, to spread positivity rather than fueling the opposite destructive forces,” Angelo Jon says.

“Social media has good and bad effects depending on how you use it. Freedom isn’t just about posting what you want because you can. Freedom should be for excellence, it should seek to promote and uphold the beauty of the world we live in.” Faye Ong continues.

“Art is everywhere. Art is a powerful instrument used in social media and you have to make sure you know what’s behind every image you share, videos you repost and music you listen to. Sometimes most of them have hidden meanings but with an open mind that understands how these can be utilized, you can do something about it.” Rejean Darroca concludes.

Day 1 plenary talks concluded with Moniq Muyargas who shared her insights on how we can swim against the tides using our personal branding. “Your personal brand is who you are, what you do, and how people experience you,” she shares. Muyargas, a Psychology professor at the University of the Philippines, highlighted that one’s personal brand is his reputation, his calling card, how people are uniquely who they are and not defined or dictated by other people have been part of their lives.

Ms. Cecile Adrias on her session on proper etiquette

Day 2 plenary talks covered a range of topics that aimed at holistic personal development. The sessions tackled volunteerism (Mr. Ruben Gamala), Proper Etiquette (Ms. Cecile Adrias), Nutrition (Ms. Magpusao), practicing Work-life Balance (Dr. Robles), appreciating Local Culture (Mr. Flord Calawag), Art and responsible citizenship (PG Zoluaga), and the role of Chemical Engineering in improving a person’s well-being (Eros Estante).

“Proper manners always make a big impression towards others,” shares Ms. Adrias, WYA Assumption Iloilo’s former Club Moderator.

“If you enjoy something that you do it becomes a passion, even chemical engineering can be made a fun topic,” shares Eros Estante, a WYA Iloilo Chapter volunteer and graduationg Chemical Engineering student of University of the Philippines Visayas.


Left photo: Dr. Robles; right photo: Eros Estante

The conference also did not fall short on the fun factor as the organizing team and WYA Volunteers entertained the delegates with special performances and dance numbers throughout the conference. The delegates also joined the traditional World Youth Alliance Solidarity Dance led by the WYA Iloilo Chapter members.

WYA Iloilo Chapter would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to their conference sponsors, Angelina’s Bakeshop, Philippine National Bank, and Assumption Iloilo; and to all conference speakers, partners, members, mentors, and volunteers who helped make Adulting 101 a success.

Contact the WYA Iloilo Chapter at wyailoilo@gmail.com for inquiries and future partnership proposals, or reach out to asiapacific@wya.net to start your own WYA Chapter.