WYA International Director of Operations Featured in CNA

Following an alleged “thrill kill” in Oklahoma, Leah Bromberg, the World Youth Alliance International Director of Operations, was featured in the Catholic News Agency (CNA) as she voiced out the importance of respecting human dignity in reaction to the recent event.

According to the news report by CNA, the police held three teenagers responsible for the murder of Christopher Lane—a 22-year-old senior attending college in Oklahoma. The police reported that these teenagers had no motive for carrying out the murder other than for their mere amusement.

The CNA featured Ms. Bromberg’s responses to this incident; saying how present society “seems to have entirely forgotten the entire definition of human dignity.” The article featured her stressing on the importance of having a proper understanding of human dignity, given that present society is showing a “flawed” approach to human life. Furthermore, Ms. Bromberg shared to CNA that the “youth in the West are growing up in a more pleasure-seeking, ‘me’-centered mentality,” and said that in response to this, “education is an important factor.”

The full article can be accessed here.