WYA LA attends VII Summit of the Americas


The Organization of American States hosted the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama last week. For the first time the OAS integrated Civil Society and Social Actors participation through a forum that emitted recommendations to the Member States in a plenary session of the Summit. Organizations from all over the Americas, including WYA Latin America, were present to give important insight to the Heads of State.

Civil Society was divided in several working groups that dealt with Education, Health, Environmental, Migration, Civil Participation and Democratic Governability. WYA LA had a direct impact in the Education and Health working groups.

In Education WYA promoted the importance of family involvement to reach the authentic development of children. Groups tried to push the addition of comprehensive sexual education but WYA and other groups endorsed having programs that recognize the integrality of the human person and that they are fit to the ages of the children that will be taking them and including their parents.

WYA’s presence in the health working group was to remember the groups about the problems the Americas is facing regarding health overall. The discussion had been focusing mainly in the sexual and reproductive health rights agenda and had been neglecting astonishing facts such as that a third of the children in Latin America are malnourished.

Most of the recommendations given to the Heads of State promoted the dignity of the person, stressed the importance of family development and inclusion and the importance to focus on the real needs of populations.