WYA LA cohosts Pan-American Youth Forum in Argentina


WYA LA Staff travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to cohost the Foro Joven Panamericano (Pan-American Youth Forum) with Argentinean NGO Frente Joven. The Forum took place May 1st through the 3rd and brought together young people from 10 countries of the region.

WYA LA and Frente Joven teamed up to express the need for youth to take action and involve in the domestic, regional and international levels of policy-making. Lectures were given to instruct the participants in the most relevant topics of the regional and international agenda. WYA LA took over the lectures regarding, Sustainable Development, Reproductive Health and Maternal Mortality. Other lectures dealt with the correct understanding and debate of human dignity and about the Organization of American States.

After the participants we’re acquainted to the topics three working groups were made so that the participants could debate and propose courses of action to the policy-makers at the OAS. The working groups were Youth, Maternal and Reproductive Health and Sustainable Development. Several proposals that remembered the generalized needs of the regions were made.

WYA LA promoted its educational programs for anyone interested in further training on the topics currently being debated in international forums focused in a correct understanding of the dignity of the person. Several inquiries rose regarding the Regional and International Internship Programs and the Certified Training Program.

The forum ended with the presentation of the Declaration of Buenos Aires, 2015 (Declaración de Buenos Aires, 2015) where the hemisphere’s youth expressed proposals to the current debates in the Agenda.

For further information on the Pan-American Youth Forum and to read the Declaration visit the event’s official website. www.forojovenpanamericano.org