WYA LA gives Advocacy Academy Training to Youth Group

WYA Latin America travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico to give Advocacy Academy training the youth group of partner organization, Axios, that will attend CSW59/Beijing+20. The group of 30 youngsters were very keen to learn about negotiation and lobbying. The WYA Staff trained them in reproductive health, sustainable development, maternal health, family planning and the importance of the proper understanding of the dignity of the person.

The Staff shared their experiences at several intergovernmental organizations and how to advocate in order to promote the real needs of the world’s women. Many questions regarding tips and strategies on how to act emerged and were addressed. To many of them it was very impressive learning how several groups try to manipulate language and definitions in order to advance their interests.

The Axios youth group will be in NY in the next couple of weeks and will host a side event at the CSW59/Beijing+20.