WYA LA Hosts Webinar Series on Solidarity

October 20, October 27, and November 2, 2020 – Through the Certified Training Program (CTP), the World Youth Alliance approaches solidarity as a pillar for the exercise of human dignity. Nowadays, amidst a pandemic, humanity is realizing the necessity of solidarity on everyday life. So, taking this need out of the paper and as an alternative to show how we can practice solidarity in many aspects of life, WYA Latin America held “Solidaridad: de Webinars a la Práctica”, a webinar series on the theme.

The series took place on October 20th, October 27th, and November 2nd and approached solidarity on three axis: education, arts and the last one, government and public policies. On each webinar, the WYA members discussed the importance of solidarity and the great sphere that it occupies in world. Bringing a great part of Latin America together the event counted on members from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile and even Indonesia.


On the first webinar, the topic in discussion was Solidarity and Education. María Graciela Crespo, PhD on Education and Theology at the Navarra University, brought to the table some experiences and showed how solidarity on these cases was essential in many circumstances. She also counted on testimonials of some ex-students to explain the fundamental role of education on the exercise of solidarity. “Young people are like kites: give them thread and they fly”, she says.




On the second webinar, Solidarity was connected to Arts. Carin Louro, PhD on Scenic Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, brought to WYA the power of arts on the construction of a world with more solidarity on it. She affirms that “art keeps helping us to be better human persons”. With some dynamics and her experience with Latin American Theater, she reinforced for WYA the necessity of art for the world and how it is crucial for solidarity to happen.




The third webinar counted on Carlos Cáceres Sarubbí, Government and Public Policies advisor in Paraguay. He showed the fundamental role of governments on building a sense on solidarity amid of the populations and how many positive measures can be implemented on societies through the theme. Carlos also mentioned the youth as a change key in many governments and as a powerful weapon on the construction of a better world.




WYA Latin America wishes the best for its members and hope they will make several changes in the world through solidarity. To know more about WYALA events, click here.