WYA Latin America begins Committee Training Workshops!

WYA Latin America begins Committee Training Workshops!

It is through the participation in the committees where we also live and experience the spirit of the World Youth Alliance. There we also learn tolerance, respect and solidarity in such a way that what allows us to experience and create projects that promote the human dignity at all levels.

For this reason and in preparation of our Tenth Anniversary the WYA Latin America will host different Committee Training Workshops in order to straighten and develop the local committees.

Such workshops will provide the conceptual tools and practices that will ensure that all committee members will be able to achieve the objectives and goals of WYA as an international organization from their local expertise.

This process aims to help them learn and apply the main principles of the Systemic Approach, which helps the person to see herself in her daily tasks and activities as a whole.

In these workshops, the participant committee members will experience the development of the following topics:

  • Person and organization: Individual History – Construction of the group.
  • Identification of goals and activities– Focus on the promotion of human dignity.
  • Organization: Features – Life Cycle – Strengthening of the group.
  • Management: Concept – Elements – How to apply?
  • Planning: Introduction of ideas to the Committee – Definition – Type of planning: Strategic – Business – Process and matrix design.

Through these workshops, WYA members will be able to develop and contribute to the strengthening and building of their committees. These Workshops will guide them to answer the questions: why, what for and how, in order to help them discover their own personal development through their committee development.

If you want to be part of a local committee or if you want to participate in the building of WYA in your city, school or university, this is your opportunity!

For further information or questions regarding schedules and details please e-mail Carlos Caceres Sarubbi, WYALA Director of Operations: carlos@wya.net

Workshops Schedule:



Personal and Organizational Development.


October, 11 and 12

Personal and Organizational Development.


October, 18 and 19

Regional Committee Members and Director meetings. (Open to WYA Friends and Members)

Mexico City

January, 2009. (Specific dates will be provided later on).