WYA Latin America Hosts First CTP Get Together

September 26, 2020 – With unstoppable efforts to continue fighting for human dignity, the World Youth Alliance Latin America finalizes its 2020 Certified Training Program Regional 2nd Batch while Batch 1 from Piura celebrates its journey half way through in great style by promoting its first CTP Get Together.

The event  was to put in practice all the knowledge learned through the CTP by having an opportunity to advocate in a debate. The event counted on participants, both trainers and trainees from each corner of Latin America. It was also an experience to get together all the similarities and differences presents on the region as well as sharing each country’s custom and history represented.

Led by Paula Andrea Lopez, WYA Latin America Program Officer, and moderated by the Piura CTP Trainers, Ana Bolio and David Gallegos, the first edition of the CTP Get Together had a show performed by Daniel Carvajal, our winner from the WYA Talent. Interpreting songs such as Odio Por Amor by Juanes, Daniel gave a great message to all our participants.

Meanwhile, trainers, trainees and leaders promoted a debate which proposed two ways to understand art, as an expression of freedom and as an ideological strategy. It was a good way to study the ideas in the CTP. WYA, after all, according to Paula, “does not only leave theory on the table but uses it”.

At the end of the event, WYA Latin America proudly gave the certificates of the best debaters to Isabel Godoy – Regional CTP Trainee – and for Luz Morales – Piura CTP Trainee –, in order to recognize their performance during the debate. This get together was a way for WYALA to reinforce the importance of its members as well as the impact they have on their communities.