WYA Latin America March News

WYA Latin America March News 

WYA Latin America celebrates WYA 10th Anniversary!

We encourage our members to participate in our regional celebration activities:


1. WYA Latin America Solidarity Generation Festival. In celebration of WYA’s 10th Anniversary, World Youth Alliance Latin America will host the Solidarity Generation Festival to reflect in the ideas of solidarity, development and good governance in Latin America.

The Solidarity Festival consists of a series of projects and activities throughout the WYALA Committee’s in Latin America. The activities where WYALA members can participate are:

“Tell us your Story” Photo competition competition/exhibit; Essay competition, debate and speech contest; Environmental and Viviamo activities and in the promotion of WYALA’s good governance campaign. If you are interested in hosting the festival in your school or university please contact latinamerica@wya.net More details in WYALA website.


2. WYALA Guadalajara- Solidarity and Good Governance Conference. In Celebration of WYA’s 10th Anniversary, WYALA Guadalajara Committee is honored to invite Juan Díaz Romero, retired Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, and Director of the Institute of Jurisprudential Research and Promotion and Diffusion of Judicial Ethics, to give a lecture about the promotion of solidarity and good governance through justice, and the role judges play in terms of the defense of the human dignity. 

The lecture will tentatively take place at the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara, “H” auditorium, on March 27th at 5:00 p.m.  All WYA Latin America members are welcome to join us at this not-only-lawyers-conference, in order to expand our vision about the role of the State and the importance of its intervention in the building of free and just societies.

Please contact wyala.mariajosegm@gmail.com for more information. Please RSVP by March 15th 2009.


3. Give WYA to a friend, grow the million! You are a member of the World Youth Alliance, you believe that young people can change our current culture to one based on the dignity of the human person and you want to help us sharing the experience of human dignity and solidarity with more young people.  Help us promote our website and the WYA Charter with your friends and classmates! Include our Charter website address in your Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Orkut and Messenger profiles. Help us growing the million to better promote human dignity and solidarity! Just copy/paste it https://www.wya.net/charter/index.html   Thank you!


You can celebrate WYA 10th Anniversary! Host a WYA Dignity Project or a WYA’s Introductory Session. What can you do to get involved and promote WYA?  Invite your friends or classmates to host a Dignity Project.  These projects are an opportunity for WYA members to share with their fellow WYA members and friends how they experience, understand, or find joy through cultural activities and personal interests which enable them to express their own dignity as persons. Activities can be as diverse as interests in music, sports, language, dance, volunteering, food or other ways to manifest their love for the dignity of every person.  To host a dignity project or introductory session in your city contact lourdes@wya.net



Paraguay Committee. WYA Latin America welcomes our new volunteers in the WYALA Paraguay Committee. Youth from Asuncion and Ciudad del Este have assumed the second level of participation in WYA and will begin a WYALA Committee in their cities. Members have started their training on the language of the human dignity, in order to impact public policies and develop cultural events for other young people in order to share the World Youth Alliance experience: the experience of dignity, solidarity and life. 

WYALA Brazil and Uruguay. WYALA members in Brazil and Uruguay are preparing to become WYALA committee members and begin WYALA committees in Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo. Carlos Caceres Sarubbi, WYALA Director of Operations, had the opportunity to meet this young people and share with them the experience and enthusiasm of promoting the dignity of the human person.

Dear volunteers from Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay: welcome to the WYA Family. We hope that you will become soon WYALA committee members.

For more information on World Youth Alliance South America, please contact carlos@wya.net



GUADALAJARA Book Fair, More than 2,500 books will be donated. Last semester, in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, WYALA Guadalajara committee members collected more than 2,500 books from students of Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, and Tec de Monterrey campus Guadalajara. The books will be delivered to Instituto Líderes del Siglo (LISI – Leaders of the Century) a limited resources school, located in Liebres, Tonalá, Jalisco.

The donation will occur during an event where all the members of the community will be present. The purpose is to create the opportunity to experience solidarity between WYA volunteers and committee members with the members of the community.  During the event WYA Committee Members will host a brief introduction on WYA’s work on integral human development.



Track A Accreditation Sessions. The accreditation session is a four hour seminar that completes the Certified Training Program Track A.  It reviews the work of WYA, conduct language exercises, and review the most important aspects of the training.  Accreditation is necessary to attend national and international conferences and training events as WYA delegate and to be a committee or chapter director in your city or country. 

Accreditation sessions will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Queretaro.  Skype Accreditation sessions may be scheduled on an individual basis with members in other cities and countries.  Please contact Lourdes@wya.net for more information. 


Latin America Regional and International Internship Program.

Interested in developing your capacities to promote the dignity of the person? Want a unique experience of solidarity to deepen your understanding of dignity as the foundation of culture, policy, and human rights? Join the WYA Latin America internship program. Apply here or contact: carlos@wya.net


WYA Latin America Blog

Enter the WYA Latin America blot at www.wyalatinamerica.blogspot.com for our volunteers and committee members’ updates on their local work. (Blog in Spanish)