WYA Latin America News!


WYALA Delegates in International Solidarity Forum

Special thanks to our WYALA Delegates to the ISF, you did a great job! If you want to be a WYALA delegate next year, start your online training now! Scroll down for details.

WYALA Summer Camp

Interested in finish your Track A training, meet young people and have an exciting time in the biggest city of the world? This is your opportunity!

WYALA will host a summer camp program for members interested in a week full of cultural and training activities with WYA interns and regional staff in Mexico City. The summer camp will take place from 21-29 of June.

Limited space available. Application deadline: May 19th 2008.
For information regarding cost and details please enter HERE


The Regional Office will contact Committee Members and Volunteers to invite you to participate in a Committee Training Session. During the session we will work in local strategic planning, Project Management and Time Management skills. If you want to host a CT session in your city, please contact Lourdes, lourdes@wya.net

Committee Training Sessions available upon request. Scheduled Sessions:

a. Querétaro- Friday, May 9
b. Guadalajara– Friday, May 17

Fore more information of costs and venue contact: wyala.alex@gmail.com for Querétaro and wyala.ediths@gmail.com, for Guadalajara.

If you want to become an active member or volunteer please contact lourdes@wya.net


WYA Latin America invites you to become a WYA Delegate for the International Aids Conference 2008 in Mexico City during the first week of August.  Eligible candidates must have completed Track A Training, and enroll in our Online HIV/AIDS Specialized training group.

This is an international conference that is hosted by different Mexican and International Organizations. The deadline for applications is May 5, 2008. If you are interested in become a delegate please contact lourdes@wya.net for more information regarding the conference fees.

If you want to know more about the IAC2008 visit the official AIDS Conference site. We will host our delegates in the WYALA HQ for a small fee. Contact us as soon as possible if you want to come.


Film Nights, training discussions about international issues and voluntary work at “Un techo para ” are among the activities our Costa Rican committee members are working on. If you’d like to be an active member in Central America, contact Hector Morales at wyala.hector@gmail.com or centralamerica@wya.net or e-mail Luz Cardona at luz.cardona@gmail.com


What are you doing this summer? WYALA is preparing to work toward social transformation through a little sweat and hard work! Along with Acortar Distancias, join us for Viviamo! Summer Camp in July or the VIVIAMO Habitat Week the last week of July.  Participate in housing projects, workshops and activities with street children of Guadalajara, and trainings in development and Mexican culture.  Members from every region are invited.  Applications due June 15. Enter our Viviamo Section in this site for more information.  Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Latin America internships

Welcome to Ariana Arciniega to our WYALA Regional Internship! Promote the dignity of the human person by working at our regional office during a three month internship and put all your skills and capacities at the service of the person.  For information enter the internship section of this site.

WYALA Invites you to host a WYA Dignity Project Dignity

What can I do to get involved and promote WYA? Invite your friends, classmates or other WYA members to organize and host a Dignity Project. These projects are an opportunity for WYA members to share with their fellow WYA members and friends how they experience, understand, or find joy through cultural activities and personal interests which enable them to express their own dignity as persons. Activities can be as diverse as interests in: music, sports, languages, dance, volunteering, food or other ways to manifest their love for the dignity of every person. To host a dignity project or WYA Intro Session in your city please contact lourdes@wya.net 



TRACK A: Congratulations to the 25 WYA Latin America members who recently finished Track A and are working on developing the work of WYA in cultural, training and development projects in their cities. Good work! Next online training group begins May 5, 2008.

TRACK B: If you finished track A and you want to further your knowledge in international issues and documents contact latraining@wya.net to enroll in our Track B On line training group.

If you have not yet start your training please contact Marystella Ramírez wya.marystella@gmail.com for more information regarding on line training deadlines. Fore more details enter our Training Section in this site.


Training Calendar Join our Certified Training Program

Application Deadline Course start Date  Course end Date   Assignment submission mode
February 1st February 4th May 31st Bi weekly 
May 28th June 7th Sept 27th Bi weekly
September 30th Oct 4th Dec 13th Bi weekly
July 20th July 29th October 31st Bi weekly


To all our members that have completed track A: you can find in our website the dates for accreditation. The accreditation session consists of a 4 hours seminar where we will review the work of WYA, do language exercises and review the most important aspects of your training.

Accreditation is necessary to attend as a WYA Latin America delegate to our national and international conferences and training events, as well as to be a Committee or Chapter director in your city or country. 

Accreditation sessions will happen in Guadalajara, City and Querétaro. Skype Accreditation sessions will be personally scheduled with members in other cities and countries. Please contact lourdes@wya.net for more information