WYA Latin America School Tours in Costa Rica

During the last two weeks of August, the WYA Latin America Staff had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica to promote Human Dignity and our youth programs in an incredible school tour. From August 18th through 29th the LA team was able to visit several universities and to spread WYA’s ideas around them. WYA LA visited Universidad Nacional (UNA), Universidad Latino Americana de Ciencia y Tecnologia (ULACIT), Universidad Autonoma de Centro America (UACA), Universidad Internacional de las Americas (UIA), and AIESEC members.

UIA offered our team the opportunity to participate in a two-day a career fair, experiencing the enthusiasm and spirit of 5,000 students from all over Costa Rica. Students from International Relations, other majors and even high school students were present. WYA LA encouraged youth interest in the speeches they gave.

WYA Latin America seized the opportunity to spread around the continent and reach to Costa Rica, being able to promote dignity, solidarity, and family as the fundamental base of society. Motivating leaders, and young minds to form part of WYA, making the staff to return home with joy of an achieved goal.