WYA Liberia Chapter Dissolved

On behalf of the WYA Headquarters in New York and the WYA Africa office in Nairobi, we regret to announce that the World Youth Alliance Liberia Chapter was dissolved last January 8, 2016 (Friday) due to non-compliance of Chapter requirements and the lack of upholding of WYA’s core values and mission by the leadership and members.

This decision does not affect individual membership, and all WYA members in good standing may continue to participate in WYA activities and training and may attend both regional and international activities. Likewise, this dissolution does not foreclose the possibility of re-establishing a chapter in the future. We hope that in the future there will be a vibrant, active, and healthy WYA presence in Liberia. We regret that this is not the case at this time. Effective January 8, 2016 (Friday), the WYA Liberia Chapter leaders and members may not use the name, logos, or other intellectual property of World Youth Alliance in any projects, fundraising activities, or events.

If you continue notice any activity on-line or in your community under the name “WYA Liberia Chapter”, please notify us immediately via email at: wya@wya.net. If you wish to start an official WYA chapter in your local area, you may email us as well. Our staff would be glad to assist you in starting your Track A Training and provide more information about chapters.