WYA marks the European elections and UDHR 60th birthday

From May 21st to 23rd, World Youth Alliance organized ‘Dignity, the foundation of the European Rights system’ – a training on the philosophy of Human Rights and the vision of the European Union project. About 20 young participants joined the WYA team in Brussels, including a large group of American students from the Xavier University (Ohio).  On the first day, the WYA video made for its 10th anniversary was shown, followed by a presentation about how the European Union started and which were its core principles.

The second day participants listened to a lecture from Christian Alting Von Geusau LL.M, President of the Phoenix Institute in Vienna, going through European history and the EU legal system and looking at the meaning and applications field of the principle of human dignity. It included an overview on the ideas and background that made the European Union as well as the technical differences between the EU and the Council of Europe fighting and working for implementing Fundamental Rights in Europe trough the European convention of Human Rights and The Court of Human Rights.The comparison with the US human rights school and experience was fruitful thanks to the input from Dr. Steven Frankel (Xavier University) and a positive exchange of thoughts.

 Watch the lecture from Professor Alting Von Geusau here.

The training ended with a visit of the NATO headquarters during which the American students and their professors were really interested and interacted really well with WYA staff in trying to understand better what are the good basis for a deeper and renewed US – EU understanding.