WYA meets with the Filipino Students Organization in Istanbul

On May 6, 2017, in Istanbul, World Youth Alliance President Mr. Lord Leomer Pomperada, along with WYAME staff and WYA assigned trainer Ms. Aseel Awad, met with the newly formed Filipino Students Organization of Istanbul. The Filipino students were introduced to WYA, its history, its values, objectives, flagship programs, and accomplishments and WYA staff and members were introduced to the cultural work that the Filipino Students Organization does to promote their country and its heritage.

The Filipino students expressed their interest in the topics covered by WYA’s Certified Training Program and requested that they be given a workshop, a request that was accepted by Istanbul-based WYA trainer Ms. Aseel Awad. Discussions were also held regarding a partnership between the two organizations in the near future which will be made easy with the opening of a new WYA chapter in Istanbul very soon.