WYA Members Participate at the 7th Global Youth Trends Forum

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwan warmly welcomed 350 youth leaders from 26 countries at the 2019 Global Youth Trends Forum held last November 5 to 11, 2019. Thirteen representatives from the World Youth Alliance participated in all educational and cultural activities during the full duration of the program.

Now on its 7th year, the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education Taiwan hosted the GYTF to create an exchange platform for local and international youth and provide an avenue for young people to exchange their perspectives on international affairs. For the first three days, delegates were taken all around the island of Taiwan and given the opportunity to immerse themselves in Taiwanese culture. This included visiting art museums, sampling local cuisines, and learning about the ecology of different regions, among other things. This also provided for delegates to get to know and form friendships with young people from different parts of the world. As for the two-day forum, delegates were encouraged to discuss challenges and solutions on Educational Creativity, Regional Revitalization, and Smart Living and come up with action plans that aim to address these issues.

Representing Kenya were Certified WYA Members Milkah Ndungú and Douglas Ogila. They talked about educational creativity in their country and highlighted the importance of teaching young people to acknowledge their own worth and the worth of others through the Human Dignity Curriculum. “The Global Youth Trends Forum is a proof that young people have the capacity to become leaders of today if given opportunities that harness their creativity,” Milkah shared.

Representing the Philippines were WYA Asia Pacific (WYAAP) Regional Director of Operations, Joyce Cedeño and WYA Members, Mariniell Clarete, Liam Jasarino, Samuel Juada, Christopher Klausner, and Dave Mariano. The WYAAP – Philippines delegation presented some of the Philippines’ best practices that promote Educational Creativity and highlighted that initiatives that aim to educate young people to become good citizens should first and foremost acknowledge that human beings have the capacity to create and bring impact in society.

Representing the United States were WYA North America (WYANA) Regional Director, Julia Kenney, WYANA Regional Director of Operations Ethan Mack, and WYA Members Gabrielle Castello, Maggie Snyder, and Ashton Webber. The U.S. delegation’s presentation during the first day of the forum was on Smart Living. They presented the challenges of receiving adequate healthcare in poor, rural areas, where people have to drive for hours to see a doctor. The solution discussed was telemedicine, which is the opportunity for patients to interact with doctors through a digital platform.

The World Youth Alliance would like to thank Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and Youth Development Administration for their invitation to join the conference. WYA also thanks the organizers, the youth ambassadors, and the participating countries for the warm welcome and friendship.