WYA-Middle East: Emerging Leaders Conference

 Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) 2014
The Family and Economic Development in the Arab Region

The Middle East regional office of WYA held the Emerging Leaders Conference in partnership with Notre Dame University on the 23rd,24th of October 2014. The annual theme which was adapted and translated in the local context was “The Family and Economic Development in the Arab Region”.The public was mainly formed by WYA Members who shared their tangible experiences and NDU students.


The regional conference covered the following topics: Family support to children, elderly, persons with disabilities, displaced persons and refugees. In addition, the importance of remittances in supporting families living in the Arab region and finally the role of the family in reducing youth unemployment and better managing the transition from school to work.

The panel discussions were followed by thematic working groups where the young attendees formulated policy recommendations for the above mentioned topics and presented them later on.