WYA-Middle East: First National Gathering for Lebanese Certified Members

World Youth Alliance-Middle East  hosted the First Lebanese National Gathering, entitled  “Lebanese Youth: A Future of Conflicting Identities-Towards a national belonging respecting diversity and human dignity”. The gathering aimed to introduce new methods to overcome the conflicting identities facing Lebanese Youth in order to attain a nation which respects diversity and human dignity. The event was held on the 27th of September at the regional office in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon.

The event started with the updates of WYA and the Regional Office, then a discussion of the survey results on "Lebanese Youth: A Future of Conflicting Identities" that was organized in partnership with the Global Forum for Religions and Humanity.  In one of the most volatile regions of the world, the delicate nation of Lebanon continuously finds itself threatened by internal divisions among its diverse political and sectarian groups. These divisions have been threatening the essence of the nation’s existence ever since its independence in 1943. The results addressed the sense of belonging of Lebanese, the existence of a bond strong enough to preserve the future of our country and its foundation; and if they are able to reconcile the conflicting national identities of Lebanese youth with human, religious, and social values. The discussion was followed by thematic working groups and presentations.

By the end of the gathering, the elections of the New National Committee were held. We have the pleasure to announce Ms. Serena Abdel Khalek as the NC Coordinator, Ms. Mira Mkanna the NC Secretary, Mr. Elio Constantine as the NC Treasurer along with 10 members of the newly-elected National Committee.