WYA NA Presents FEMM at the University of Notre Dame


FEMM Intro at ND

November 19, 2018 (Monday) –  WYA NA and FEMM partnered with the University of Notre Dame’s Right to Life Club and Center for Ethics and Culture to host a WYA and FEMM presentation event.  WYA NA regional director Julia Kenney introduced students to WYA’s work in promoting the dignity of the human person. Her presentation focused on WYA advocacy work at the UN and how it partners with FEMM to effectively respond to women’s health needs.  

FEMM is a women’s healthcare program that educates and equips both women and doctors.  It educates women to understand their reproductive health and equips them to chart using the FEMM smartphone app.  FEMM educates and equips doctors with protocols that enables doctors to diagnose and treat primary disturbances in gynecological dysfunctions.  By doing so, FEMM empowers doctors to restore women to full functioning and independent health. This model revolutionizes the way society can approach women’s health issues.  

FEMM raises the standard for women’s health.  Through her explanation of FEMM, Julia’s overarching message encouraged students to always raise the standard within every aspect of society.  As FEMM demonstrates, society has the potential to foster the flourishing of all human persons when it upholds the dignity of every human person.

Written by Julia Kenney, WYA NA Regional Director.