WYA NA team trains Cathedral High School Club members

WYA NA Regional Director of Operations, Julia Kenney, and WYA NA intern Flannery McGale led a talk about the United Nations and initial planning for the Model United Nations event for the WYA Club members at Cathedral Catholic High School on February 8, 2017

“After some announcements and introductions, I presented a PowerPoint slideshow of the structure of the United Nations, important information and explained the six organs of the institution. Some of the 20 girls seemed to be very knowledgeable about the material while some were clearly brand-new to the club, but they were very attentive and asked good questions. I was very happy to be standing there explaining the UN to them as my professor had once done for me,” Flannery shared.

“After the presentation, we transitioned to the purpose of the event: Model UN. The topic I selected was refugees and migration, as it is both extremely relevant and going to be this year’s topic for the international Solidarity Forum. Each student drew a random piece of paper with a country on it, and was assigned toe responsibility of researching that countries position on the topic. We will meet again in two weeks time to host the Model United Nations,” Flannery added.