WYA Nairobi Chapter hosts the WYA Africa End of Year Festival

December 12, 2020 – The World Youth Alliance Nairobi chapter held its virtual end of year African festival. The theme of the event was “Music and its influence on Africa”

The online event started off with the Emcee-Boniface Omina giving a lively introductory music playlist, as members present gave different suggestions and requests to be played. Cynthia Maingi – Regional Director for the WYA Africa regional office, then gave introductory remarks commending the members for registering and joining the event in time.

After the introductions, participants were engaged in a variety of games starting with bingo. Members were also tasked to give reasons why they like other African countries other than their own. The responses were overwhelming as the respondents seemed to highly appreciate foreign culture and music. For instance, several members agreed to like South Africa because of their music.

Thereafter, there were presentations from the Nairobi chapter leaders; Wangeci Mwaniki and Francis Andrew Mwangi. The leaders were able to discuss how leadership in Africa has been influenced by musicians such as Miriam Makeba from South Africa and Juliani who said Msaani ni kioo cha jamii  which translates to ‘an artist is the mirror of society’. There was also a calling to live in celebration and with love which is essential in freedom of excellence through music. Vul’indlela by Brenda Fassie was used to illustrate this message. The song is about the celebration of a son who has found a bride despite there being gossip that he would not find a bride. Even those who engaged in the gossip are called to the wedding with a request not to be jealous.

Finally, Cynthia gave an appreciation message to all members for their active participation throughout the year’s activities hosted by WYA. The event ended with members engaging in dancing to the famous 2010 world cup song by Shakira- Waka Waka and truly ‘IT’S TIME FOR AFRICA’.