WYA New Hampshire Chapter Launches & Hosts Dignity Dance!

Attendees of the Dignity Dance learn more about WYA’s history and mission.

The chapter officially launched during the first annual Dignity Dance, a swing dance held at NCC. The purpose was twofold: first, to launch the chapter, and second, to celebrate the dignity of every person. High school and college students from all throughout New Hampshire attended. The night began with a brief dance lesson, and then the fun began – after dancing for a while, attendants paused and had a quick presentation introducing everyone to WYA, its mission, and its programs. We invited everyone to sign the charter and explained in more depth how we are planning to implement WYA’s ideas here in New Hampshire.

To more fully understand how WYA NH members could work to implement WYA’s ideas, members took WYA’s three pillars – culture, advocacy, and education – and discussed them in light of the needs of the state. This allowed for the development and articulation of the chapter’s six main goals:

  • First, we want to make it possible for as many WYA members in NH to attend and participate in WYA events, such as the ISF, ELC, and ISC.
  • Second, we want to train as many people in CTP Training and FEMM as possible.
  • Third, as well as working to implement the HDC and FEMM in NH, we want to equip the college students both at NCC and other colleges through NH to be able to bring FEMM and the HDC back to their hometowns and work on its implementation there.
  • Fourth, we want to eventually host WYA conferences in NH on relevant and important topics such as the family.
  • Fifth, we want to train WYA members to advocate for important issues such as the right to life at the NH Legislature.
  • Finally, we want to sponsor cultural events, such as dances, movie nights, as well as concerts, ballets, and plays.

First annual Dignity Dance, hosted by the New Hampshire WYA Chapter.

While some of these goals will be reached only far into the future, the chapter has already made great progress. After the Dignity Dance, the chapter is in the process of planning its first movie night, and working to recruit campers and counselors for the International Summer Camp, to be hosted in New Hampshire.

WYA members also recently met with Ellen Kolb, a woman who works to advocate for right to life issues  at the NH State Legislature. She gave us an overview of NH’s abortion laws, and helped us to understand what the first steps are to learning how to advocate at the legislature.

Chapter president Sophia Harne writes, “We are so, so very excited to be launching the chapter and look forward to continuing to work with WYA to promote a culture of life. If you, or anyone you know lives in NH, please feel free to email wya.nh.chapter@gmail.com for more information about how to get involved here in NH.”