WYA North America Attends Youth Assembly Opportunities Fair

February 14, 2020, New York, NY – Last Friday, WYA North America attended the Youth Assembly Opportunities Fair in New York City.



The Youth Assembly is an annual conference organized by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. The event brings together young people from all over the world and “aims to empower the next generation of leaders with opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, trailblazers, and influencers, develop global competence and critical skills, and transform their vision for a better future through innovative action.” Accompanying the forum each year is an opportunities fair where the delegates are able to learn about a variety of organizations involved with young adult leadership.



This year, WYA North America was invited to be one of those organizations. WYA representatives informed delegates about the mission of promoting human dignity and all the ways they could get involved, including becoming a WYA member, the Certified Training Program, and the Internship Program. WYA NA was grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank all of the delegates as well as the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation for their generous invitation.