WYA North America Cosponsors Event on Finding Meaning in College

May 11, 2021 – WYA North America, along with the Abigail Adams Institute, the Harvard University Department of Philosophy, and the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, cosponsored an online event titled “Finding Meaning at College.” The event featured Emily Esfahani Smith, the author of international bestseller The Power of Meaning, in conversation with Professor Matthew Lee of Harvard University. The event was quite successful, with 25 participants in attendance. The discussion centered on the importance of finding meaning in one’s life, as well as the difficulty of doing so while in college. Ms. Esfahani Smith shared her own experience as a college student interested in exploring the “big questions” of life and surprised to find that her college’s philosophy department had largely abandoned a serious consideration of these questions. While her search for answers ultimately led her to the field of positive psychology and her current career, both speakers agreed that there are currently few places for college students to engage with these important questions around the meaning of life.



If you’re a college student struggling to find such a place, we have good news for you! First, you can watch the event recording here. Even better, you can sign up for the World Youth Alliance Certified Training Program, where you’ll dive straight into the “big questions” with authors like Martin Buber, Viktor Frankl, and Charles Malik. Feel free you reach out to us at education@wya.net with any questions about the CTP!