WYA North America: Expanding from Sea to Sea: 400 New Members in Washington State!

Clare and Lenore with new WYA Members at Chiawana High School in Washington!Pasco, Washington—Throughout the week of March 12th to March 18th, WYA Staff Clare Halpine and intern Lenore Healy traveled to Pasco, Washington to work with high school youth and participate in the Tri-City Encounter organized by St. Patrick’s Parish. 

Clare and Lenore were welcomed at three of the area high schools, Tri-State Prep, Chiawana High, and Pasco High, and spoke about the history of World Youth Alliance and the core ideas of the dignity of the person, human freedom, and true solidarity.  At the heart of the presentations was the understanding that the dignity of the person is universal, intrinsic, and can never be taken away.   The challenge to each of the high school students was this: if you recognize the dignity and beauty of your own person and that of the other, how will you use your freedom to defend and live that truth in your life, in your family, or at your high school? Learning about all of the program opportunities that WYA has to offer: the possibility of starting a high school WYA chapter, training and internships, and especially our WYA International Summer Youth Camp, by the end of the three days, four hundred young members joined the WYA North America ranks!

World Youth Alliance was also invited to present an exhibit during the first Annual Tri-City Encounter hosted by Pasco’s St. Patrick’s Parish, March 16-17.  This Encounter is a public festival celebrating the diversity and cultural richness of this area through the participation of various civic and arts organizations.   In conjunction with the Encounter, WYA gave presentations on “How Young People Can Make a Difference”, in both English and Spanish to all Encounter participants, forming connections and friendships throughout the great Pasco tri-city area.  Our Spanish-speaking intern, Lenore, also gave a short radio interview with KZHR Spanish Radio to share about the work and mission of WYA.  If you’re interested, you can find the link on our Facebook page!

WYA North America celebrates these new and enthusiastic members from across the country and looks forward to growing as a presence within this welcoming community of Pasco!