WYA North America Hosts Summer Series of Drinks & Discussion

It has been an exciting summer at the World Youth Alliance with the return of Drinks and Discussion. This summer’s three-part series gathered over 25 members together over the course of three evenings to discuss texts from both the Certified Training Program (CTP) and WYA’s White Papers.

The first discussion night on June 27th centered on understanding human dignity as a response to totalitarianism. The key point was that resistance movements like the one in Poland under communism were not just about arbitrarily bringing about political change. They were comprised of people determined to live out the truth of their human dignity and communism was opposed only because it denied this truth. Overall, this was a thoughtful discussion which set the stage for the rest of the summer.

The second discussion night on July 25th covered the topic of population control. Participants discussed William McGurn’s article arguing that a growing population is key to a flourishing society and population control will always stifle growth and development. The key point was, given the powers to think and choose, human beings should be thought of as a net positive instead of a net negative, that is, as the solution rather than the problem.

The third discussion night on August 29th covered WYA’s own White Paper on Sustainable Development. After discussing human dignity as a source of authentic political change and the problem of limiting population, the natural way to finish off the summer was to discuss WYA’s own proposal for a sustainable development. Participants discussed WYA’s proposal that nations should invest in human beings, families, and communities and thus unleash the power of human creativity to solve the problems of today.

Here at WYA we always look forward to impactful discussions and our Drinks and Discussion series did not fail to impress. We would like to thank all the participants for their attendance and thoughtful insights during these summer discussions. We look forward to continuing and growing Drinks and Discussion into the future!