WYA North America Launches New Photo Competition!


#TheDignityProject is now up and running!  Send in your photo submissions on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtags #TheDignityProject and #thismonth for the chance to win a prize.  

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    It’s easy! 

  1. Snap a pic.

  2. Choose a corresponding quote from the list  below. You can place the quote on top of the photo or simply include it as a caption.

  3. Upload it in your public Instagram account with the hashtags #TheDignityProject so we won’t miss it in our feeds! Submission with quotation as caption (Left) or quotation on top of the photo (Right)




Dignity is the source of one’s potential.

– WYA Human Dignity Curriculum


Beauty is the outward manifestation of the inner goodness of a thing.

– WYA Human Dignity Curriculum

It is love that inspires us to perform actions that are right.

– WYA Human Dignity Curriculum


To fail to treat a person with dignity is an indication of our failure to see worth.

– WYA Human Dignity Curriculum


“All our activities should be centred in Truth. Truth should be the very breath of our life.”

-Mohandas Gandhi



“The struggle for peace cannot be understood exactly for what it is until it is viewed as an aspect of a much deeper struggle in the very being of man.”

-Charles Malik

               To download the full list of quotes, click here.


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