WYA North America visits members, schools in the Midwest

careerexpoWeronika Janczuk, WYA North America Regional Director, grew up in Minnesota, and Julia Kenney, WYA North America Regional Director of Operations, grew up in Michigan—two states in the Midwestern heart of the United States—and hope to bring WYA there in the next year, too.

From September 6 to 10, 2016, the WYA NA staff focused its attention to identifying students at high schools and universities in the Midwest that would want to begin a WYA chapter and contribute to defense of human dignity, as well as recruiting for its summer internship program. Weronika spent some time at the Notre Dame Career Expo, coming in and out of Chicago, while Julia headed to Detroit. The WYANA staff will return for a follow-up trip covering Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana in late October and early November.

Midwestern students who would like the NA team to visit their campus should email northamerica@wya.net.