WYA Pamplona Hosts Bringing Youth Back to Work Event

From 24th until 27th of May 2021, World Youth Alliance Spain successfully hosted the Bringing Youth Back to Work, an Erasmus+ granted project gathering 20 young people from 7 countries: Croatia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Austria and Spain. The participants met in Pamplona to discuss the problem of youth unemployment with decision makers and university professors. 

During their stay in Pamplona, young people agreed that the problem of unemployment is a major issue not just in Spain, but in all of the European countries involved in the project. In their time of stay, participants discussed the topic of unemployment from different positions. Some of the topics covered were unemployment during the coronavirus crisis and how to combine family with work. Also, each country involved prepared a presentation about the biggest unemployment issues in their country. On the last day, to address the issue of unemployment even more, young people compiled a Policy Proposal with 6 demands:


  1. Reinforce the value of soft skills by implementing mandatory workshops to support young people to recognize their strengths, to discover the jobs available, how to apply, preparing them for labour market 
  2. Update academic programs to meet job related skills and offer more alternative educational systems
  3. Award credit points for internships to encourage young people to obtain work experience
  4. Create regular dialogue between students and professionals in an informal and formal setting 
  5. Raise awareness about available resources and, if lacking, create new services at universities that help monitor job opportunities based on the market demands
  6. Create incentives for employers to hire young people, such as reducing taxes for first time employees

Through this project young people involved did not just contribute to the ‘’fight’’ against the unemployment of youth, they also developed different skills that will make them competitive in the labour market.