WYA participates in European Prayer Breakfast

On Wednesday, 5th of December the World Youth Alliance (WYA) attended the annual European Prayer Breakfast (EPB) an event hosted yearly by MEPs at the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels. It brings together people from inside and outside of the EP. The EPB was established in 1998 and is a meeting place where people can enhance or create new relationships, a place where friendships can flourish across political, philosophical and religious differences.

This year, the main speaker was Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council. He spoke of the need of spirituality in the modern world. “Spirituality is not a kind of medication against the ills of life neither an act of begging in situation of fear […] it is a quest for meaning in search of the absolute” he said. He went on saying that “ethics are needed more than ever but that each person ought to work first on their conscience.” “Life is a road to perfection and each man is expected to respond” he concluded.

After the breakfast, participants were invited to listen to three speakers. Mr. Os Guinness, an author, social critic and an expert on religious freedom, insisted that “the structure of the law is the first step to secure religious liberty and social harmony.” He said that “the most important is the habit of the heart and respect for the intrinsic liberty of each human being.” The WYA endorses Os Guinness’s emphasis religious freedom because all believers are endowed with human dignity and deserve respect.