WYA Partners with Universidad de Piura, Launches CTP Course

July 13, 2020, Peru – WYA Latin America is pleased to welcome 30 new members from Universidad de Piura to the Certified Training Program (CTP). Offered as a course, this CTP class is composed of students from different degrees such as engineering, humanities, law, education, among others. It will also be joined by teachers from the University.

WYALA is fortunate to have María Graciela Crespo, former Director of Education in the WYA Headquarters and current WYA advisor at the University, in helping make this project possible. In knowing the quality of the training WYA provides to young people through the CTP, she has been instrumental in implementing the program at the University of Piura as a professor there for many years.

Participants will study a collection of philosophical, historical and modern-day texts that provide WYA’s philosophical underpinnings divided in the following chapters: WYA’s Foundational History, Human Dignity, Solidarity, Culture, History of Ideas, and International Law and Human Rights.

After successfully completing the CTP, they will be ready to engage the international community on issues related to the dignity of the person, human rights and integral development. They will be eligible to represent WYA in local and international events and in international organizations like the OAS or the UN. They will be able to participate in the organization’s activities such as internships in the headquarters or in the regional offices. The most moving and important aspect for Peru lies in the interest of all its committed trainees to open a new WYA chapter of club and even lead their own CTP group.

“I am interested in doing the CTP because I believe that it is very important to be trained in order to train others, so I am encouraged to do it because I want to learn about what human dignity entails. With the students of the university we work a lot with vulnerable communities and with national schools in Piura so it would be very interesting for us to be able to train the students of the school and the people of the vulnerable areas where we work.” – Luis Torres, graduate of Mechanical Engineering at UDEP and Coordinator of Volunteers at UDEP in activities for Vida Universitaria.

WYALA is looking forward to work with this group of young people who are willing to learn about the defense of human dignity in the next few months.