WYA pays tribute to WYA Africa RDO Vanessa; WYA 18th Birthday Ball tickets for sale; Download the new FEMM app | November 2016 Newsletter

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In this month’s newsletter, we feature and give tribute to WYA Africa’s Regional Director of Operations Vanessa Cherese Oyugi. Vanessa passed away on October 17 and was laid to rest by her family, friends and colleagues on October 29, 2016 in Migori County, Kenya.

WYA is turning 18 on March 15. We invite all WYA members and friends to join us for an evening of celebration in New York City. Tickets are available for purchase here.

We continue to invite WYA members to download the new iPhone app of FEMM, WYA’s affiliate women’s health program. It provides personalized feedback about a woman’s own observations and cycle, and gives insight and tips to help women track their health.

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WYA family mourns WYA Africa RDO Vanessa Cherese Oyugi


“I really admired Vanessa’s boldness and tenacity. She never left anything to chance and always had a solution for every problem. Having her around we never had to worry because we knew that everything was fine. She always kept the office lively and stood up for herself and for us whenever we went for a function outside the office. She always believed in justice and would not let any injustice go by without speaking up about it,” Vanessa’s former intern Kevin shared.

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Purchase your ticket to World Youth Alliance’s 18th Birthday Ball on March 25


WYA members and friends from around the world are invited to come to New York City and celebrate WYA’s 18th birthday and to recognize the 2017 Kathryn Hoomkwap Awardee.

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WYA’s affiliate women’s health program FEMM released iPhone app, version 2.0


Want to understand your cycle? Know if your symptoms and observations are normal and healthy? Manage your fertility? The new FEMM app helps women understand and manage their health, and connects them to health and educational support when they need it.

Download the App   Learn about FEMM

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