WYA Pens Partnership with University of Sabana – Colombia

Photo source: the University of Sabana official website

October 15, 2019, Bogota, Colombia – World Youth Alliance officially penned a partnership with the University of Sabana in Bogota, Colombia this fall. The partnership lists the WYA internship as among the university’s selection of programs that can be taken by students undergoing their internship requirement for a semester. It is set to begin by 2020.  

The University of Sabana was founded in 1979 as a private higher education institution. Its mission is to seek, discover, communicate and preserve the truth, inspired by the Christian vision of man and the world. 

WYA President Lord Pomperada with the University of Sabana’s Program Director for the School of Law and Political Sciences Andrés Felipe López Latorre, LL.M, J.S.D

WYA is happy to pursue this partnership with the University of Sabana, which will allow its students to gain professional skills working on WYA’s projects and a substantive learning experience on WYA’s core ideas. WYA interns gain first-hand work experience in their chosen field, may it be in the sphere of advocacy, education, project management, marketing, and health. 

The partnership is set to begin with the Certified Training Program (CTP) sessions for potential interns. The CTP allows new members to gain an in-depth understanding of WYA’s mission of promoting and defending the dignity of the human person through the study of a collection of philosophical, historical, and modern-day texts.