WYA Poland Hosts Live Stream on Human Rights Crisis in Syria

May 20, 2021– On May 20th, WYA Poland organised a live stream on its Facebook page about human rights crisis in Syria. The event featured three guests: Ewelina Ochab – international human rights lawyer, Valentina Cosma from Kids Rainbow Association, and Friedrich Bokern – founder of the Relief and Reconciliation for Syria. The host of the debate was Magdalena Smenda, a member of WYA Poland.

The panelists discussed the current situation in Syria and the responsibility of the international community for providing the assistance for people in need, particularly those who are the most vulnerable – the sick, children, refugees. They also stressed the importance of the interreligious respectful dialogue and common efforts for peace.

“This conflict matters for all of us, not only because of millions of refugees who come to Europe, but also because it raises a question about universal values of human rights: are they really valid for the whole humankind or only for the few who happen to be born in the rich part of the world?” asked Bokern.


To watch the whole replay, follow this link!