WYA Poland Hosts Victor Frankl Event Online

April 8, 2021- On April 8th, WYA Poland organised a live-stream on its FB page with the title: “Is it possible to remain human in inhuman conditions?”. The event featured a special guest, Maria Lorens, the daughter of Katarzyna Mateja, the former prisoner of the concentration camp Ravensbrück.

The discussion began with the presentation led by WYA Poland coordinator Ewa Rejman about Viktor Frankl, his method of logotherapy and the book “Man’s search for meaning”. 

Maria Lorens shared the examples of heroism of women who were kept there and despite tragic circumstances have never lost hope and the ability to help one another. “I deeply believe that holding firmly to the values, to the love of God, homeland and neighbor, allowed my mother and her friends to survive. They won and kept their intrinsic freedom even when they were incarcerated”, said Maria Lorens.