WYA Portugal empowers the Youth at Lisbon Project Event

The WYA Portugal Chapter recently organized The Lisbon Strategy project with the aim of gathering young leaders from different backgrounds and involving them in the creation of a Youth Strategy for the year 2020. This will be presented at the inauguration of the new assembly of the European Parliament on May 2019.

The initiative took place between February 14th and 16th, 2019. The event elaborated on a policy document representing the synthesis of the expectations, desires and needs of the 38 young individuals who participated (aged 18 to 30 years old), coming from different countries of the European Union, specifically Austria, Spain, Belgium, Croatia and Portugal.

On the first two days, the activities were held in “Espaço Europa”, a dedicated environment within the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal. During those days, different activities were carried out: icebreakers in small groups to let participants get to know each other, a workshop on the EU’s function and on its ordinary legislative process in order to have an active participation in it, and a number of debates involving the World Youth Alliance and representatives from the European and Portuguese Institutions.

In particular, Dr. Carlos Saraiva (a representative of the Portuguese Ministry for Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) and Mr José Inacio Faria (a member of the European Parliament) joined in fascinating debates, directly connecting young people with Institutions.

Finally, the last activities took place at the Fundação Casa de Macau and served for the final edits to the draft that then became our Lisbon Strategy 2020. The project ended with the delivery of the Youthpass certificates, asserting the attendance to this non-formal education event.