WYA Presidents Highlights “Youth Potential” at 2017 Lebanon Youth Dialogue

November 4, 2017 – WYA President Mr. Lord Leomer Pomperada served as a keynote speaker and moderator of the session on “Youth and Dialogue” at the 2017 Lebanon Dialogue Initiative Forum held at Notre Dame University. In his remarks, he talked about the persistent view that “young people are not yet ready, and second that the young generation is a lazy generation that doesn’t care to make a difference”, and the problems that this view leads to.

This year’s LDI Forum tackled the topics of “Northern Ireland Conflict, Dialogue, and Reconciliation” and “Youth and Dialogue”. President Pomperada then proceeded to talk about the role of young people in peacebuilding and development and the necessity “for political actors to recognize the agency of young people not only to participate in or benefit from but also to design and lead the processes of peacebuilding and development.”

He concluded his keynote speech by challenging his fellow young people; “chase your dreams and never give up, contribute to your community, country, and the world in whatever way or capacity that you can; small acts of change do matter, and promote human dignity: respect others, believe in yourself and be a good leader.

The WYAME office also served as a partner of the conference. WYAME Incoming Director Mary Joe Alavalas and WYAME Regional Director of Operations Nicholas Maalouf was also present at the forum with other WYA members.

WYA wishes to congratulate the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative for a successful meeting.To learn more about WYA and become a member, visit www.wya.net/getinvolved.