WYA President and WYAME staff give a Training of Trainers and intro session in Marrakesh

Marrakesh – May 8th, 2017 WYA President Lord Leomer Pomperada and WYAME staff met with certified members in Marrakesh to give them the Training of Trainers session in the Kingdom of Morocco. This session was conducted in order to increase the number of Moroccan trainers and support the National Committee in Morocco at a time of growing demand by Moroccan youth for the Certified Training Program in a workshop format. The training was held at the Youth Spot Marrakech where the participants were introduced to the basic characteristics of a trainer, given training tips, taught training methodology, and underwent rigorous training simulations to assess their capabilities.

Afterward, discussions were held on how to further increase the number of Certified Training Program Workshops in Marrakech with the availability of the new trainers.

Furthermore, an intro session was held at the Youth Spot in which the attendees had an overview regarding issues the world faces today from a decrease in maritime wealth, the disregard of the potential role of youth in finding solutions, cyber security, and poverty among many other issues.

Later on, World Youth Alliance and it’s role in making a positive impact on young people was introduced. A discussion was then held and chaired by the director of the Youth Forum Mr. Abdelilah Lendani, about the challenges facing the youth in Morocco. Both attendees and WYA members took part in the discussion. A Q&A concluded the session as well as creating a potential partnership between WYAME and the Youth Forum.