WYA President speaks at 2016 Dialogue on Just Governance in India

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WYA President Lord Pomperada led a focused dialogue on Becoming Inspired Champions for Transformative Governance during the 2016 Dialogue on Just Governance held from February 12-16, at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, India. His session with Indian adventurer and trainer Mayur Shah explored the role of young people in just governance and how young people can be empowered to become active leaders in their communities.

Lord opened by sharing his leadership journey and about the work of World Youth Alliance in promoting human dignity around the world. “Young people should take every opportunity that will help and develop them to become greater leaders. We shouldn’t under estimate the power of young people coming together making a difference,” Lord shared to the participants.

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The focused dialogue also discussed on how the little things that we do every day can have a significant effect not only to us but to the people around us and the next generations.

“Great things start from small beginnings. The little things that we can do like a simple act of kindness or love to another person can make a huge impact,” Lord added.

The Dialogue on Just Governance aims to examine how we can each play our part in creating a quality of just society adequate to meet the challenges we face.

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The international gathering, participated by over 300 delegates from over 30 countries from around the world, was organized by the Initiatives of Change, a global organization comprised of people of many cultures, nations, beliefs and backgrounds who are committed to transforming society through changes in individuals and relationships, starting in their own lives.

To learn more about the Dialogue and Initiatives of Change, you may click here.