WYA President visits members, chapters in Mexico


WYA President Lord Pomperada and Programs Manager Renelyn Tan visited WYA members, alumni and chapters in Mexico City, Queretaro and Puebla from April 2-8, 2016. Together with the WYA Latin America staff, Lord also introduced WYA to young people in different schools and youth communities including Colegeio Monteverde and Wexford College.

“My challenge to all of you today is to chase your dreams, contribute to your community and promote human dignity in your daily life. More than technology, money and gadgets, what does it take to change the world? The answer is you,” Lord inspired the delegates during his talk.

“We are very excited to get involved with World Youth Alliance especially the Certified Training Program and the Regional Internship,” students from Colegio Monteverde, shared.

They also visited the Latin America delegates of this year’s International Solidarity Forum on Population and Environment from Wexford College in Queretaro.

Lord, Renelyn and the LA team also presented the Human Dignity Curriculum to the faculty of Wexford College and look forward to partnering with them for the next HDC implementation in Mexico. “We are looking forward to reviewing the curriculum and seeing how our students can learn more about human dignity through this program, one official shared.

WYA Headquarters and Latin America wish to thank all of our members, chapters and partner schools for their warm welcome and continual support to World Youth Alliance.