WYA President, WYA Africa Staff Meet with Partner Schools in Kenya

May 16-17, 2017 – WYA President Lord Leomer Pomperada and the WYA Africa Regional Staff Members Patricia Gwambo (Regional Director) and Kevin Alando (Director of Operations) met with the officials of JKUAT-Karen and Strathmore University to strengthen existing partnerships and Africa Nazarene University to introduce WYA and explore possible areas of collaboration.


Lord and the WYAA Staff met with Jack Mwimali, JKUAT Karen Campus Dean of Law. JKUAT hosted the 2017 Dignity Forum of WYAA during the first quarter which was attended by over 50 students. The panel included Mr. Mwimali and other members of the academe. During the meeting, Lord thanked Mr. Mwimali for JKUAT’s continual support to WYA and hopes to strengthen the relationship by having more students from their school to join WYA’s internship and training programs. Mr. Mwimali reconfirmed their commitment and shared that they’d like to see the partnering growing between WYAA and their school. He proposed to have a formal partnership agreement between WYAA and JKUAT to signify the commitment between the two parties to support each other. This will include the dignity forum and internship program, among others.

Africa Nazarene University

Lord and the WYAA Staff met with the faculty of the Africa Nazarene University (ANU). The meeting was joined by Professor Rodney Reed (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs), Professor Duncan Ojwang (Dean of Law), Mr. Victor Boiyo (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs) and Caleb Osore (ANU Student). The meeting started with Caleb’s message sharing his involvement with WYAA and the potential partnership between WYAA and ANU. Then, ANU gave an introduction to their university and Lord presented about WYA highlighting three possible areas of collaboration: (1) sending regional interns to WYAA and advocacy interns to New York, (2) engaging their students to WYA’s Certified Training Program, and (3) opening a WYA chapter. The university faculty is very interested in the training and internship programs. They proposed a follow-up meeting with the Career Development Office and an introductory session to the university students.

Strathmore University

Lord, the WYA Africa regional staff members, and WYAA Alumna Caroline Waingi met with Dr. Luis Franceschi, Dean of Law of Strathmore University and a WYA friend. Lord thanked him for his continual support to WYAA and hopes to strengthen the partnership by having a WYA Chapter in Strathmore University and having more of their students join WYAA as interns especially the law students for the WYA HQ advocacy internship. Dr. Franceschi reconfirmed their commitment and recommended to have a signed MOU to formalize the partnership which includes collaboration on the Emerging Leaders Conference and recommending their best students to apply for WYA’s regional internship and the advocacy internship in New York.

The WYA Headquarters and WYA Africa Regional Office wishes to thank the faculty of JKUAT-Karen, Africa Nazarene University and Strathmore University for their continuing support to WYA.