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In this month’s issue, we are sharing some of the inspiring and life changing experiences that our members have undergone in some of WYA’s programs.  This month, over 60 young people from around the world participated in our 13th Annual International Solidarity Forum and adopted the Declaration on Population and Environment.

We celebrated our 17th birthday on March 12. Erika Tatad was awarded the third Kathryn Hoomkwap Award for Extraordinary Service in Defense of the Dignity of the Human Person. Give WYA a birthday gift today or contact our regional offices to make a donation. Your contribution helps us build a better world.

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WYA Programs Shape Leaders, Transform Communities

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“I never believed that a simple yes to open the WYA Austria Chapter at the end of my internship in Brussels would eventually lead to almost nine years of wonderful friendships and a strong community of WYA members in Austria organizing different projects to promote the dignity of the person,” Gerlinde Gufnagel shared when asked on how the WYA programs made an impact on her in the years that followed.

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WYA members adopt Declaration on Population and Environment at 13th ISF

Over 60 WYA members and staff from around the world gathered for 4 days in New York City for the 13th Annual International Solidarity Forum with the theme Population and Environment. The 4-day gathering included expert speakers, interregional dialogue, breakout discussions and negotiations for the Declaration on Population and Development.

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WYA celebrates 17 years of success and youth empowerment

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WYA members, friends and alumni gathered at New York City last March 12 to celebrate 17 years of success and youth empowerment. If you’d like to wish WYA a happy birthday, give a gift of $17. Your gift makes all the difference to the World Youth Alliance.

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Erika Tatad receives Kathryn Hoomkwap Award at WYA’s 17th Birthday Ball


Last March 12 at WYA’s 17th Birthday Ball, Erika Tatad was awarded the third Kathryn Hoomkwap Award for Extraordinary Service in Defense of the Dignity of the Human Person. The Kathryn Hoomkwap Award celebrates a WYA member or alumnus who has contributed to the defense of human dignity in a remarkable way, including work in the areas of policy, scholarship, service, personal action, art, or creative achievement.

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