WYA releases infographic on Sustainable Development

July 11 is World Population Day – an annual event which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues.

On this occasion, WYA encourages everyone to ask essential questions surrounding this topic. Is limiting population growth a pre-requisite for sustainable development or is this argument misguided? As the population grows, how can the world continue to meet the needs of each person while sustaining the earth’s resources?

In 2012, WYA released a White Paper on Sustainable Development which introduces sustainable development as presented in UN conference documents and examines the dangerous errors in countries’ attempts at limiting their populations. This paper uncovers Earth’s greatest resource, human creativity, and why this is the most effective policy in tackling root causes of poverty and building truly sustainable development.

As World Population Day 2015 fast approaches, WYA releases the Infographic on Sustainable Development based on the 2012 white paper. We encourage our members and friends to read it, share it on social networks, and discuss it with friends. Join the conversation on World Population Day and be a voice for people-centered development.

Sustainable Development ver04_strip

Interested in this topic? Read about how WYA is monitoring Sustainable Development Goals negotiations at the U.N. For questions and inquiries, email advocacy@wya.net.