WYA Romania Holds Art Workshop and Selling Exhibition for the Homeless

10th October, 2021, Iasi County — Last October, the WYA Romania Chapter held the exhibition of “Art in the Service of Solidarity”.

The European Solidarity Corps funded the project called ”Art in the Service of Solidarity” – organised by the WYA Southeast office. As part of the dissemination activities, WYA Romania Chapter had the opportunity to organize activities for the homeless population in Romania.

On the weekend of 9th-10th of October, the Romanian team held the creative workshop in Iasi county, attended by 8 homeless people along with 7 volunteers from Romanian Team. The workshop lasted several hours and the participants made various paintings, sculptures and poetry.


The next day, Sunday, WYA Romania organized a selling exhibition at the well-known shopping centre, a place that allowed a large number of people to come and visit the exhibition. The selling exhibition sold works of art made by the homeless.

Nearly 50 people joined the selling exhibition and helped the homeless with their contributions. At the end of the event, WYA Romania raised almost 400 euros for the homeless.