WYA Romania holds Opening Ceremony and a Conference in Cluj-Napoca

On Dec. 14th, “The 2019: the Presidency of Romania at the E.U. Council” conference was held, hosted by Babes Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca. Secretary of State for European Affairs at the MAE, Melania-Gabriela Ciot and and Lect. Univ. Dr. Mihai Alexandrescu were invited and the event was coordinated by Iustinian Andrei Leşinschi. The conference brought together a large number of students interested to engage in informing civil society about the importance of European Parliament elections.

The conference took place in the context of WYA Romania’s expansion in Cluj-Napoca, due to the need to involve young people in the organization’s activities. The main goal was to promote the WYA vision at a wider level and to establish new contacts with the participating audience. The agenda of the conference were subjects of major interest regarding the assumption of the Romanian Presidency in the E.U. Council and the role of young people as European citizens.

In the first part of the conference, Melania-Gabriela Ciot presented the four main pillars of the E.U. agenda: Europe of Convergence, Europe of Safety, Europe as Global Actor, Europe of Communal Values, Romania having an important role in strengthening the European project. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also believes that dialogue with young people is an essential requirement and supports such actions so that in the preparation of the mandate there will be an integrative consultative approach that will be implemented with the help of youth organizations.

In the second part, the main topics of discussion were the involvement of young people in the development of civil society and the role of Romania as President of the E.U. Council. In connection with these, Mihai Alexandrescu said: “The theme should stimulate us. It takes young people to get involved. Civil society needs to be developed, and now is the time to assert. He also said that the “role of President of the E.U. Council is an obligation. Not a coercion, but an obligation assumed by membership. The presidency means the role of being an honest broker and the role of shaping the European agenda. We are in the position to mediate the interests of 28 states. We have the opportunity to know the positions of other states. ”

In summary, the event was a success. A series of concrete solutions for the achievement of a successful presidency were outlined, and the students were enthusiastic about WYA’s new challenges.

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